Fairs & Festivals

India is perhaps the only country in the world where there is a year round celebration of innumerable fairs and festivals observed by its countrymen, either in one or the other part of this incredible land. India is a fusion of diverse cultures, languages and religions and the same is reflected in the Indian fairs and festivals that attract people from over the seas to witness this cultural myriad.

One of the most popular festivals of India is the festival of colors- Holi. Celebrated usually in the month of March on date fixed according to the Hindu calendar, Holi has become an international attraction. This lively festival celebrated with throwing of colored powders ‘abeer’ and ‘gulal’ fills the atmosphere with vivid shades. Holi is rejoiced mostly all over the country and people greet with each other with colors and sweets.

Deepavali or Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights is symbolically a celebration of triumph of light over darkness. The festival is celebrated by lighting lamps or diyas and worshipping goddess Laxmi. Diwali usually falls in the month of October or November and is celebrated on the day of Kartika Amavasya or the new moon night, according to Hindu calendar. The festivities of Diwali also include decorating the house, lighting fire crackers and exchange of gifts and greetings with friends and family.

Sufi festival of Nagaur  
Experience the magic of Sufi music in the perfect backdrop of dimly lit Nagaur fort and amazing food and people. The folk artists with their exceptional musical nodes make the ambience magical and the festival, a lovely experience.  The Sufi festival of Nagaur is charming and unique experience for the visitors and that is why is it is one of the preferred festival by the tourists. 

Pushkar Fair
The Pushkar Fair is the largest camel fair of the world that occurs every year in the holy city Pushkar, in the state of Rajasthan. This five days fair has gained popularity worldwide and become an important tourist attraction, apart from a mere livestock fair. The tourists are involved in several playful activities and competitions between the natives and foreigners like ‘matka phod’, ‘bridal competition’ and more fun games.

Makar Sankranti
The festival of kites, Makar Sankrant is primarily a harvest festival celebrated in almost parts of India. On this day, one can witness the sky filled with colorful kites and people involving themselves in playful kite fights which is delightful to watch. The festival is celebrated across the entire country under different names and showcases the customs of the particular region.

Celebrated every year in the saavan hindu month, the festival of Teej usually falls in the months of July and August. Mythology says that on this day Lord Shiva returned to goddess Parvati and hence Teej is a festival of women who fast all day for the long life and wellbeing of their husband. Women sing and merrily celebrate the festival & apply henna or mehendi, dress up wonderfully and even participate in Teej procession held in Jaipur which is a major tourist attraction.

Kumbha Mela
Kumbh Mela is one of the important fairs of India. Being held at places including Ujjain, Prayag, Nasik and Haridwar- the fair holds a sacred importance according to Hindu mythology and innumerable devotees flock to these holy cities to wash away their sins. Held on the banks of different holy rivers like ganga, narmada and Shipra the Kumbh Mela is held four times in twelve years.

Nagaur Cattle Fair
The Nagaur cattle fair is a livestock fair held every year in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan and it is also the biggest fair after the Pushkar Fair. More than 70,000 horses, camels and bulls are traded over here. Like the Pushkar Fair, many cultural events and activities are organized for the tourists and their enjoyment like the bridal competition, longest moustache and turban tying competition.

Jaisalmer Desert Fair
The Jaisalmer Desert festival is something that the tourists look forward to every year. The desert fair is a wonderful festival showcasing the vibrant culture of Rajasthan, held over a period of three days. The three days of festivities include several cultural events including fabulous dance performances of Gair & fire dance which leaves everyone in awe. The musical nights of Jaisalmer Desert festival and bonfire in the backdrop of serene sand dunes is a magical experience.

Elephant Festival
The Elephant festival is celebrated on full moon day or ‘phalgun poornima’ of Hindu month, every year in Jaipur. For this festival the elephants are clothed in vibrant attires and decorated with motifs which are a sight to behold. The decorated elephants are set out in a procession which takes one back in time of royal Rajputana letting you have a taste of history. The tourists rejoice the scenes and get themselves clicked with the mighty elephants.