School going kids will love to explore these top 5 places in India

Trying something new in life should always be a part of growing kids, and as parents, we often think that admitting our kids in a good and reputed school is enough for higher education and extra learning. But we usually get fail to realize that there’s a whole world outside of schools and tuitions. Traveling is one of the best ways to expose your kids to these experiences and help them in realizing their interests and skills. School days are the times when you can help your kids to find their aims in life. This is the best way to creative genius is best revealed. Well, here’s a list of top 5 places that you should make your kids explore when they are in school:

01: Let’s Fly Away in Manali –
Manali offers a landscape that will touch the senses of any outdoor lover. Complimented by the River Beach and a postcard location, this is the place where you have been waiting for some fun and adventures.
What’s there for kids?
Depending on the age and physical condition of your kids, you can motivate them to have their first experience of zorbing, paragliding, and other relatively safe sports. They will surely love to play in the snow at Rohtang Pass, which is not too far from Manali.

02: Puppet Show in Udaipur –
Puppetry is an old Rajasthani form of entertainment and is a favorite among most kids. Udaipur offers various other opportunities for a traveler. Puppetry is always the best way to make your kids familiar with the history and culture of the place.
What‘s there for kids?
While wandering through the streets and following a tour guide might sound boring for a kid, learning new cultures through something like a puppet show will always appeal more. When you are in Udaipur, the best way to present the history, culture, and folklore of glorious history is a puppet show.

03: Go for a Camel Safari tour in Jaisalmer –
The Golden Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer have always been a top pick for travelers and explorers. Though, if you are traveling with a kid, make sure you take a camel ride with an experienced tour guide. Riding on a camel back over the dunes is an experience that is cherished for a lifetime.
What‘s there for kids?
Overnight or morning desert safari on camel back will be an exciting opportunity for every kid to enjoy the desert life. You can feed the camels is also the best way that will feel close to nature and create a bond with animals.

04: Bird Watching in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary-
The best way to inspire a love for nature in your kids is a trip to one of the wildlife sanctuaries. Bharatpur in Rajasthan, you will witness exotic bird species to witness the secrets of their living. The sanctuary is home to more than 400 species of birds, some of which come migrating from as far as Siberia.
What‘s there for kids?
Witness the beautiful birds chirping melodiously over the trees, walk across forest trails and feed flamingos are the ultimate kind of fun if your kid is someone who loves animal and wildlife.

05: Rann Utsav in Rann of Kutch-
Rann Utsav is the best opportunity to witness the unique culture of western India. It’s a week long festival of colors, dance, music, art, and revelry. Your kids will surely love to enjoy at Rann of Kutch.
What‘s there for kids?
Kids will definitely love the ambiance of the festival. Do also compliment the experience with a night safari in the white desert.
India is a country that has everything for every type of travelers, from kids to adventure seekers. There are many things for kids to learn and enjoy in the country. So, you must plan your trip to India with kids and family. It will surely be a memorable trip.