Photography Tour with South India

Why South India for photography?

Right with the streets crammed with Portuguese synagogues, palaces, forts and houses to the majestic beaches and cluster of peninsular islands all these diverse locations and backdrops inspire for photography tour for capturing the most beautiful shots in one’s career or life. South India tour plan is that great opportunity to fulfill the dream of following the passion of photography in a way to discover new life within you and your hobby. 
From Malabar Coast to Kathakali performance and a rickshaw ride through the main city…

For starters, to make a right beginning with a walk at Malabarcoast where fisherman folks in the early morning and during sunset time with their fishing nets to board the material through their boats to the fishing market. 
Looking at the cultural side of this enigmatic state the classical dance performance of Kathakali is of great charisma. The performers wears bright colored dress with vibrant make up that outshine the facial features looks brilliant but sometimes become scary for children’s.  

The bustling streets of the old city are best suggested to be covered with a rickshaw ride. It not only give a great closer look at the great culture by yourself. This is going to be something where you will feel like unleashing your skills with a free flow of though with the amazing opportunity with spice market, local artisans working with great dexterous skill, sweets shops, temples and a hub of local vendors selling eatables and other items that you might see for the very first time in your life. And, if you are keen to explore the best south India tour, you should not miss tasting local food.

Head to the Cardamon Hills

Today India trip planner will take you to the Cardamon Hills leaving behind Malabar with a hilly terrain ride. Right with your stay accommodation everything will seems like bringing fresh breeze and you are at the most scenic part of the tour. During your stay a list of destinations and spot that will be covered includes spice gardens, tea plantation fields, coffee plantation; misty sunrise views form the famous points and offbeat spots to capture the best shot. Coming back from the hills, visiting Cochin Fort before finally departing from the place is about capturing superb vista of this historic building. This blend of coastal and panoramic mountainous photography is a perfect blend of rich natural and scenic architectural heritage of Kerala. Mostly the off beat tour packages to Kerala or South India tour packages itinerary are best to experience a peaceful vacation even if it is other than your following your passion or tours like photography. 

Ready to experience Ayurvedic ambiance and relaxation for an eternal memory

Ayurveda has born and flourished in Kerala thousand years ago and is known famously for its astonishingly healing properties. It would be really great if you want to take some time out to relax your shoulders by taking a relaxing massage or aromatic spa to release the fatigue. In addition to this, extra activities that will surely help you in feeling the fascination of this place, committing your morning towards calming yoga sessions and cookers classes is a great therapy in itself. 

Things to be considered for starting your photography tour

Weather of Kerala remains welcoming throughout the year but rains are totally unpredictable. However , a slight help form the weather app supports a lot for kick stating a planned tour but it is always good be prepared in advance for any such situation. Your gadgets and supporting devices must be carried with all the ancillary packaging stuff so that you may feel stranded. Kerala Ayurveda tour package is another special interest tour which is highly sought after traveler just like photography tours offered by India Trip Planners, one among its many specialties under customized and tailor made tour packages.