Gir National Park tour with Rajasthan Wildlife

“Gujarat, a home of amazing creature- The Asiatic Loins living in peace and harmony at Gir National Park inhibiting around 600 lions in its conservation drive.”

Asiatic loin has been suffering with great ignorance due to the shifted focus of the world towards the conservation of tiger which is listed as endangered. This great creature once has its wide claimed territory starting from Arabian Peninsula stretching till Bangladesh passing through the Greece. But the prolonged avoidance has resulted in bringing the lion population down drastically worldwide and India is not untouched by it too. But with the help of special media and efforts by state and central government the initiatives has resulted in bringing back this amazing specie back in main stream. 

The Sasan Gir National Park of Gujarat has proved a very essential chapter in the series of saving lions because not only this national park gave shelter and proper rehabilitation with its research center focused on increasing lion population but also it has proved a milestone in preventing hunting of lions. So if you are a cat enthusiast and longing to capture this amazing creature’s life in your memories, the only place that can serve you best is Gujarat because it is the only place that has a sober lion population after Africa. Ant not only, lion safari is the reason the additional benefit of adding the enigmatic Udaipur of adjoining state of Rajasthan makes it the best plan to be executed in the upcoming vacations to India. Let’s know more about how to do it.  

How to start?

The best to kick start is with Rajasthan wildlife tour packages that include Ranthambore, Sariska and Keoladev National Bird Sanctuary. And the right way is to book your stay in Ranthambore where the Ranthambore National Park will be the starting point after getting transferred from Delhi. The national park is the true custodian of the largest tiger population in India that makes spotting of tiger easy and a great experience. Taking an all day long tour (starting early morning lasting till sunset) is quite common here because the park is divided in 9 zones and to cover them all a half day tour is not sufficient. However based on convenience one can choose in between the options provided by the park authorities like opting for a half day tour or selecting zones etc for Rajasthan Wildlife tours. The popularity of this place can be determined from the fact that the most famous pick among wildlife enthusiast in their north India tour is Golden triangle tour with Ranthambore package. 

Moving on in this plan, Sariska is the next destination where you can spot Bengal Tiger along with Hyena, Nilgai, Chinkara, Small Indian Cavet, Honey Badger, Gary Langur and Indian Hare.  And due to the arid climate this place’s vegetation belongs to dry deciduous forests like berries. 

Keoladev National Bird Sanctuary is the most beloved place for bird lover who are keen to capture amazing and unseen migratory birds from various parts of country like Himalaya and South India as well as from the parts of central Asia, Australia and Africa.

After finishing the bird watching tour in Rajasthan its time to move on for the most awaited tour- The Gir National Park. This park is situated in Southern part of Gujarat so after a long travelling trip it is best to start off with the tour next early in the morning.  This place is not only home of Lions but also a home of Chowingha which is the world’s only four horned antelope, Jackal, striped hyena and Indian Fox. The increasing popularity f this national park especially among wildlife livers, adventure seekers, photography enthusiast and hunters, the place has a number of accommodation facilities starting with budgeted stay to luxury stay keeping intact the spirit of the jungle while promoting sustainable tourism alongside.