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The state of Himachal is a heavenly gateway for those who are fond of exploring less populated and unadulterated parts of India that gives immense peace and pleasure to body and soul. India Trip planner has hand-picked such destinations that are lesser known and less explored thus, due to less pressure of  traffic in these areas, the idea for a complete relaxing vacation comes true in reality. The given destination in this write up is a special package designed for a complete coverage of the majestic state of Himachal that includes everything like travel planning, hotel accommodation and transportation along with a travel guide.  All inclusive vacations are a complete package to be enjoyed with family or friends.  

Dharamshala: Stunning landscape beauty with magnificent panoramic views is just a little part of this marvelous place. This place surprises its visitors with ever changing weather along with that mild breeze made to let your hair loose in its madness. Not only the natural beauty is the attraction of this place but also being the only home of the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala attracts Buddhist followers and believers.

Best things to do in Dharamshala: Kangra Valley tour, paragliding, nature camping and trekking at Turund.   

Spiti: This cold desert of Himachal is decorated with stunning pine and cedar trees at both sides of the valley. The unadulterated beauty of this place can be assessed with the encircling state of Tibet on one side and cities of Ladakh & Kullu and Kinnaur on the North side.  Being situated above 12,500 ft from sea level, summers are the best time to enjoy and explore the beauty of this amazing landscape calmly resting in the lap of Himalayan ranges. Mostly with tour packages like India Nepal Buddhist Tour, exoctic city of Spiti is mostly visited for spritual purposes.   

Best things to do in Spiti: Chandratal Lake, Barchala Pass, Camping in valleys, bird watching and Kunzom pass for trekking on high altitudes.  

Malana: The ancient village of Malana is also a solitary place not only isolated in terms of geographic difficulties to reach but also the cultural and lifestyle of the locals makes it’s a very special part of Himachal to be included in the tour. The production of cannabis in Parvati Valley of this village is quite popular and an attraction point for tourists who come here in search of solitary and peaceful vacation.

Yoga and meditation tours in india find special place in places like Malana and area around Parvati Valley.  

Best things to do in Malana:  Scenic beauty with panoramic view of lower lying villages and settlements, ancient temples of Jamlu and Rukmani built using wooden carving and deer heads 

Khajjar: The wide grassy land of Khajjar is situated in the Chamba Valley of Himachal. The landscape of this place is stunning because the widespread green land just looks like some fantasy driven view of a dreamland often fantasized in movies. The presence of Deodar Forests, Cedar Forests and sparsely situated cottage houses makes it to be truly called as Mini Switzerland of India. For adventure lovers this place is not less than any heaven as trekking on Chamba Valley is altogether a new challenge that could have been never seen before probably by most of the trekking enthusiasts.

Best things to do in Khajjar: Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajji Nag temple, Khajjar lake camping and Apple orchard tour at Rota & Ladi. 

Dalhousie: Be it a family vacation, honeymoon tour or a trip to photograph the most marvelous place in India, Dalhousie is always on top of the list. This place has always been a beloved destination for the past 200 years as a summer retreat but due to this age old popularity you will find this place a bit crowded with people out for a picnic and rejuvenating vacation in large groups. But including this place for exploring the engaging activities to keep everyone busy, Dalhousie is a great pick for Top India Tour.

Best things to do in Dalhousie: Chamara Lake boat ride, Panch Pulla Waterfalls, Satdhara Falls and camping in the clean vista of the valley.