Cultural Tour of Gujarat

This time we would like you to bring closer to a place, a land filled with intoxicatingly rich heritage and culture in every essence of life and rooted deep in art, food, architecture, lifestyle and life of local population. Dotted with Arabian Sea on one side, beaches of Daman & Dui is the new destination for soulful holidays in India making Gujarat a charm destination in International Tourism. 

In this write up a series of cultural sections will be covered highlighting major destination in Gujarat that are known for its well preserved heritage that proved an inspiration for book writers, thinkers, movie makers and India lovers on top! 

Believe it or not but it is true that the chanting of Mantra Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram in Bala Hanuman Temple is echoing continuously in the breeze of Jamnagar since 1964 continuously which makes it the highest visited pilgrimage in Gujarat as well as a Guinness World Record holder. The place is one of the significant destinations where Jain religion flourished in historic times and the presence of Adinath Temple and the strong divinity and devotion of people explains it all in trip to India. 
Island of Diu
This former Portuguese Colony is a pleasantly calm and relaxing with its yellow beaches reflecting a shade of life. Compared to other beach sites in India, the serenity indulged in graceful calmness makes it the beloved spot for a soulful vacation destination. Goa another famous beach destination in India was also a former Portuguese colony but the beauty of Diu lies in its relaxed aura with its essence to be explored in luxury vacation India. 

Gir National Park
Home of more than 600 Asiatic cats, Sasan Gir National Park is the only place after Africa to catch the wild but a cute beast in action. This national park contains more than 300 species of birds and apart from lion sight of spotted cats, leopards, hyena, porcupine and four horned antelope is common.  The persistent efforts of forest department have made it possible to double the sharp declining population of lions during the period of 40 years. Tour of Gir must be included as a part of best Indian holidays to know in detail about the beauty of wildlife in Gujarat. 

Rann of Kutch
The Rann of Kutch is quite different and distinguished place due to its unique cultural heritage that inhibits tribal population, artisan village expertly engaged in creating excellent handicraft items, wetlands as home of many wildlife species and a vast salt desert.  The best part about touring this place is the experience that it serves in its rural side by interacting with local artisans who are expert in creating fabulous block print textiles, hand paint work on sarees, bead weaving and metal forging. 

The wetlands of Rann attract thousands of migratory birds from various parts of the world every year making it another strong reason for including in India vacation plan.  

The most striking feature of this city is that it the very first UNESCO Heritage city of India known for a heritage in the walled city with a labyrinth of historical streets and bazaars. The grand arch ways that are found in the old city belonging to 15th century are famous for its preservation. The city has a great mix of culture, education and ever growing industrialization. The best time to experience the beauty of Ahmadabad the largest city of Gujarat is in the month of January as on 14th January world’s largest kite festival is celebrate with great harm and enthusiasm. Similarly in the month of October, the nine days celebration of Navratri (an auspicious festival dedicated to Goddess Durga) the glory of entire state of Gujarat can be felt at its peak during this festival eve. Almost every man and women clad in traditional dress step out of home and together with family and friends in large groups dance on traditional songs.