Come & experience the food tour of India

Food is something of a nature that is typical of every culture because it is an essential part of lifestyle that has been derived from years old tradition being followed and embraced with proud. Such a similar story is going to be a part of our Indian tour guide program that will give you a great insight on its emanating Mughal tradition from it has adopted a cuisine style which has now become an iconic symbol of great Indian food menu. The best to enjoy food of India is to ask for a customized food tour of India or to pick up from the special interest tour category from India Trip Planner’s website. Food in India is different in different region and for broad categorization it can be classified as South Indian, North Indian, mountainous food preparations and Hyderabadi.  The varied landscapes in India with diverse range of vegetation and climatic conditions have inspired a wide range of experiments with food and exotic vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian preparations. The biggest role that has been played and performed and making Indian food known worldwide is the spices that make it so special.

Taste from the desert state of India  
Given the geographic and climatic condition Rajasthan is fond of making dishes that are either aimed for soothing the body with its cool down spirit like in summers the majority of food preparations are of alkaline nature for example Kairi ka Pana, Makke ki Raabri, Kair (a fruit variety from Berry family), dried lentils and profound use of millet and corn flour in bread preparations. 
Non vegetarian food is not that popular because for major period of the year this place scorching heat. But in winters, Rajasthani food is unbeatable with its Daal Baati Churma, Garlic Chutney, Bajra Roti (bread) with mouth watering sweet dishes like Til Laddu (prepared from sesame seed), Gond Laddu, Gajar Halwa (cake), Moong Dal Halwa and dishes infused with jiggery for sweetness that also helps in giving enough heat to the body to keep body warm in winters. 

Ready to taste the best coastal cuisine
The food culture of Goa is dominated by its age old tradition that was followed and brought by Portuguese who brought items like Tomatoes, potatoes, Pineapple and chilli pepper to this state. The sea food preparation in Goa is beyond any comparison plus the place round the year remains stuffed with travelers around the world who specifically chose to stay in Goa for feeling closeness with nature. Hence, French, Mexican and Portuguese preparations can be best enjoyed in Goa.
The eclectic epicurean dished from Goa are best known with ambot-tik a fish preparation served with flavors of sweetness and chilli in one platter. It is combined with mango pickle to add a tanginess to lowered down its seriousness. But yes, on top of everything, Tandoori Lobster from Goa has no competitor so far who has the audacity to beat its taste, because it is the best one.

A place to enjoy stay and cookery
The “God’s own place” is famous for its houseboat and south India backwaters holidays and the addition of cookery tour with the Kerala tour is like cherry on the cake. Learning from the most experienced chefs and mother’s who are experimenting with the flavors and spices from ages are best to advice and train you for making the most delicious preparations. The availability of coastal food and spices from Nilgiri (best in the world) offers a combination that will motivate the chef within you. 
Classic dishes from Kerala are rice, vegetables, coconut chutney and lentils but what makes it most distinguished food in the world is the serving mode. Food in Kerala is served and eaten on banana leaf which is considered auspicious as well as of great health value. Talking about sea food, pollichatthu is the one that should not be missed. It is a tilapia or pearl spot usually called as pomfret which is prepared sing banana leaf and steamed in it, tossed with mouth-watering spices makes Kerala the best place for enjoying food with authentic taste of natural flavors.