A guide to Golden Triangle

Planning a golden triangle tour to India, here we are introducing the most helpful travel guide that will give a detailed instructions and know-how about the important things one should keep in mind while travelling India Triangle Tour. For easy understanding and better coverage, a point-wise break up of must answered questions is prepared. Come and get around the most popular tour plan of India Travel.

When to come?

The months of May to July are hottest one, so if you are really not a sunbathing enthusiast, this time can be avoided. But this is for sure that even the most expensive hotels can be booked on reasonable prices in this duration. Since all the monuments remains open throughout the year (except wildlife sanctuaries & parks)

How to arrange transportation?

The best part about this trip of Delhi Jaipur Agra Tour is that it can be conveniently and cost-effectively covered by hiring a private car of choice along with driver. Neither the travel duration is greater than 3 hours between any of the city, thus it facilitates a comfortable journey avoiding hassle of boarding flights or trains.

Is it easy travelling within the city?

The smart and organized facility of cab and car hire services enables smooth transfer from one place to another that includes your commutation form one city to another and within the city itself. The drivers and car they drive are reliable and operated through a centrally recognized reliable IT-enabled system that can be easily installed in your smartphone and works 24*7 at your option. Ola, Uber are the main players in the market that offers from luxury to budget travel vehicle.

How much time needs to be spared for Golden Triangle Tour?

The Golden Triangle Tour 4 days, Delhi Jaipur Agra tour 5 days or 3 nights 4 days golden triangle tour are the main picks in this category that are sufficient to cover all the three cities. However, if one wish to take a deep dive in the culture and heritage of these cities, staying for 2 days in each city is more than good to get a deep insight in the beauty of these magnificent destinations.

Do I need to go deep down to my pocket for Luxury Golden Triangle Tour?

Planning a fun-filled golden triangle package with a complete coverage with a standard accommodation plus hiring a car & driver sounds like a lot but actually, if you do it wisely by selecting a reliable travel partner, it becomes a cost-effective affair without compromising quality and effectiveness of services. India Trip Planner is one suggestion that comes for making a budget-friendly “Luxury golden triangle tour India”.

For a luxury stay experience, booking stay in heritage properties is the best way especially in Jaipur for feeling the feel of being at Maharaja’s land.

What other destinations can be covered apart from Golden Triangle Cities?

The golden triangle extension is the best part about the Golden Triangle Tour package where addition or inclusion of destinations that can be approached and covered in suitable time. Few good suggestions for making the golden triangle tour a memorable tour plan are:

Golden Triangle tour with Ranthambore: In this tour plan along with golden cities, tiger tour in the wilderness of Ranthambore National Park is quit an attraction for adventure lover and nature love seekers.

Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur: The very beautiful lake city is favorite pick of all the seasons as the romantic vibes of city attracts tourist from all over the world.

Golden Triangle Tour with Jaisalmer: The desert city or Golden City Jaisalmer of Rajasthan is known for its far stretched Sam Sand Dunes gracefully extending its stay experience with camel safari tour and cultural night with bonfire celebrations.

Talking about the attire: Everyone who is visiting India or any country must respect its culture because that is what makes you a true gentleman and women. When it comes to dressing and attire suggestion while touring India, putting on a sober and non-transparent dresses are strongly advised. When paying visit to any religious site, covering head with scarf is suggestible.

Apart from the above suggestion, the best time to the year is arriving and booking your tour in advance is not going to save you many but also comes with lot more options that are difficult to find in peak season.