7 wonders in Rajasthan Explore With IndiaTripPlanners

If you're traveling to Rajasthan don't forget to go on a tour of beautiful traditional, royal and authentic experiences. It's well-known to say that Rajasthan has a wealth of historical forts, resorts , and history and now is the time to see the best of everything. Here are some unforgettable experiences you must have during your time in Rajasthan, India.


The Magnificent Mehrangarh Fort

One of the biggest forts in India The Mehrangarh fort was named after the sun god from the Rathore clan. The magnificent structure is home to seven impressive gates, many of them named in honor of famous battles that occurred near the boundary of the fort. A half-millennium old fort towers over Jodhpur, the capital city. Jodhpur is surrounded by stunning stone walls.


Begin with the Mehrangarh fort curator of the museum, you will be taken for a private tour that is filled with personal stories and tales regarding the many exhibitions and collections. The museum has a wealth of fascinating artifacts, such as an array of weapons from different periods including maharajas' weapons decorated with rubies, jade and emeralds. The paintings display the best examples of Marwar-Jodhpur art and elaborate royal carriages used by kings for the purpose of transport. Take note of the wisdom of the curator while he shares his keen insights and unparalleled understanding of the fort as well as its turbulent history, war-torn past and the empires that controlled it.



The Horses of Marwar

The Marwari is one of the rare breeds of horses which comes from the Marwar (Jodhpur) region in India. The Rathores, the traditional rulers of the region, were first to breed them in the 12th century. Utilized throughout time as a cavalry horse by the inhabitants of Marwar, The Marwari is known for its bravery and loyalty in combat. Mihir Garh is one of the most prestigious Marwari horse in the nation.


Through Mihir Garh's extensive, custom-made horseback riding program, you are able to pick from a wide range of rides through the vast landscape. It is a fantastic cultural experiencethat gives an exclusive glimpse into the rich history and culture of the region and also provides great chances to view the game. Herds of the famous blackbuck antelope, blue bull antelope as well as the tiny chinkara are frequent on the rides.

The area is also filled with birds with more than 200 species that can be observed. Each ride is custom-designed to meet your specific needs with your riding abilities and time in your mind.


The Bishnoi people

Environmentalists who are passionate and committed They are the Bishnois adhere to the principles of a sage from the 15th century Swami Jambeshwar Maharaj, where their main goal is to protect every living thing as well as all the nature around them. Mihir Garh offers one-of-kind village safaris that transport guests deep into these charming villages and into the home of the warm and friendly people.


In the outskirts in the Thar Desert The Bishnois offer their homes to visitors to let visitors be able to experience their lifestyle. Get to know them in the form of Raikas (shepherds) dressed in their stunning costumes, and their fellow Paliwals as well as the Meghwals (the Brahmin farmers and weaver). These are not only the unique people responsible for the existence of the chinkara and blackbuck who roam the plains; however, they also share an amazing relationship with them. It is also an important welcome ceremony at the house of Bishnoi. Bishnoi and turban tying. You can book different packages of Taj Mahal With Rajasthan Tour in which you can enjoy the rajasthan taj mahal package.


Rajasthani food

Rajasthani food is distinguished by its extensive and flawless use of spices and also an amazing variety of Chutneys. Local cuisine offers a never-ending buffet of foods, from tangy drinks and spicy appetizers, to mouth-watering vegetarian dishes and bread that is crunchy. Mihir Garh is not an one of them, and many claim to be their favorite meal on the planet. India there!


In this event, guests are treated to a delectable cooking demonstration with recipes from late Thakurani Sahbia Jayenda's cookbooks of classic Rajasthani food. Put on your chef's hat, play around with your favorite dishes from this book. You will also learn about the delicious recipes and secrets handed down through generations through cooking classes. Or, you could be an observer of the exquisite art of cooking and indulge in delicious food at the dinner table.


A Shikar dinner

Rewinding you to the times of the Maharajas when the sport of shikar (hunting) is the most popular sport that was played during the days. Spend a night in the desert under the glow of the moon and take in the tranquility that is the desert amid the music of the blazing bonfire, and the soothing sounds of Rajasthani folk musicians. Mihir Garh recreates this royal experience.


Take a trip to the camping spot by a camel, observing the stunning and serene desert landscape. The paths lit with Mashaal greet visitors as they step off and walk to an authentic charpai that is set with a cushion. Enjoy a show by the fire with your Manganiyar folk musicians as well as the Terah-Taal dancers who will delight all through the night. Traditional dinners are served on a gorgeously appointed table with candles, beneath the stars of the night.


A classic Royal picnic

A relic of the past and a lavish dining experience with an exquisite and traditional royal picnic. Enjoy a relaxing time under a regal tent, which is set in front of a clear lake. The guests are attended to by friendly butlers who are dressed in a regal manner as you get cozy on large beds that are bolstered and have soft cushions. Royal Rajasthan Tour Package is a very famous package. You love the village atmosphere and culture.


Delicious dishes freshly cooked and hot in the kitchen with a glass of wine while listening to the sounds of nature . the birds twitter and wildlife ruffles the trees, and shepherds shepherd their flock. Enjoy this peaceful and tranquil outdoors experience, surrounded by the natural world.


The essence of an Desert Jeep safari

Take off on a desert safari within the rugged landscape around Jodhpur. When you leave the city in the early morning, you'll travel for about an one and a half towards the town of Osian. The city's history is a true oasis in the golden sands of Thar Desert, and is known for the presence of many decaying Brahman as well as Jain temples that date to the 8th century.


Explore the temple that was destroyed by Mata Mandir, adorned with sculptures and paintings of Hindu gods in various poses. Take on the vast desert landscapes. Explore shifting sand dunes that are forever changing in shape according to how the winds blow. Book Rajasthan tour packages Explore villages in the area which are whitewashed and set in the glistening thatch roofs and vibrant doors line the rough dirt roads. Meet the locals and learn more about their desert tradition, culture, and ways of living. Take a bite of a traditional Indian lunch before heading back to Jodhpur.