7 Why yoga is a must in present scenario

The ongoing situation COVID-19 has taught us many lesson be it we like it or not. For example, starting from our food habits, knowingly or knowingly we keep on forcing yourself to eat whITP_7_Why yoga is a must in the present scenario is most harmful and the lock down has taught us to be patient and eat whatever healthy is available. Believe it or not, people after the passage of few months started liking to stay away from junk food and more and more people are turning towards developing healthy eating habits that has resulted in great benefits only in s short duration of time. 

Now the equally important aspect that we have been avoiding for years and now getting conscious all of sudden is about our exercise or workout schedule. How much are we actually spending on the lightest workout or simply put this, how many of us prefer to walk after having a meal especially after dinner? Hardly a bunch of people! More than 90% of the reason responsible for not this happening is being lazy which is again a vicious circle. The rest 10% is about the stamina which most of us feel that we don’t have for heavy exercises. Well being lazy is something that needs to be addressed urgently. But that 10% problem is going to be resolved today only once you will finish reading this article about the benefits of Yoga. 

All over body fitness: The best part about yoga from any other specific exercise or workout schedule is that it works on the entire asana. For example, Bhramari Pranayam is done using fingers and basically meant for rejuvenating nerves of the brain, face muscle and entire region of upper neck. Don’t you think when you have an energized and refreshed barn what impact it can deliver on your rest of the body. 
Stress Buster: Among all major benefits, the one that is liked and demanded across the world among the human race in today’s time is to keep stress away. Be it any yoga asana it always starts with calming your mind by soothing your muscles and reflexes. 

Weight Loss: Rather than drinking adulterated and chemical based drinks that are available in the market claiming to be the best weight loss regime are really not good. Since, they are prepared using chemicals that in longer terms harm the body in ways that one should better not imagine. And on top of that even after buying these heavily priced products they cannot become a part of daily life. Yoga is the answer to weight loss in an organic manner ie; without compromising your healthy diet you can achieve a perfect body weight without feeling dizzy or less energetic. 
Immunity Booster:
By boosting proper oxygen level in the body making it to reach each and every part, regulating bowel movement and keeping digestion healthy, yoga helps considerably in boosting immunity. Not only it helps in removing free radicals from the body but also promotes intoxicating body by maintaining good fat which is necessary to fight against hostile viruses and bacteria that harms the immune system. 

Lifeline to heart: By strengthening the muscles of heart and lungs by asana like Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika and Kapalbhanti, yoga helps in keeping the most vital part of the body in healthy shape. The best part about the anulom vilom is that it helps in regulating more and more oxygen to every single cell of the body and balances the sun and moon i.e. the hot and cold part of the body. The benefits of this single asana are immense and also called the King of Pranayama. 

 The list of yoga benefits is very long but reading about its benefits will not help. Our aim is to motivate you to make this a part of your life for the greater benefit of your own health. Investing only 10 minutes every day of the simplest of asanas will start showing its benefits within a week, that is a challenge and guarantee!