6 Villages in Rajasthan to Visit During Rajasthan Village Tour Package.

The life of villages is centered around animals and their the rich culture, heritage and beauty of the countryside, as well as stories of their past glory days. Then Rajasthan situated in the northern part of India isn't an exception. Bonus? The villages of Rajasthan Have Sand dunes, historic palaces converted to hotels as well as a lake within the sand dunes. It appears to be an oasis. Nearly every 


Rajasthan town is a wonderful spot to go to with your family and friends when you travel to Rajasthan. Certain communities within Rajasthan's villages Rajasthan are home to handicrafts which is still thriving.


If you plan your Rajasthan Village Tour Package You can take advantage of the top activities in northern India within one state. Villagers have embraced strong principles since the days of their founding. Therefore, if you find yourself located in the most desirable villages in Rajasthan, plan a perfect time with your family members, friends or with your close ones. There's no shortage of luxurious, budget-friendly hotels located in the vicinity of villages in Rajasthan.


1. Samode Village

Explore the rustic lifestyle of Rajasthan only 42 kilometers from Jaipur in Samode Village. Samode Village in Rajasthan is an ideal alternative tourist destination in Rajasthan. Pay a visit to Samode Village with your friends and spouse to visit the homes of weavers who produce clothing using block printing. 

Many of them have engaged in the art of making bangles for centuries. This village is within the Shekhawati region. For a luxurious stay, make sure you book your lodging in a historic Samode Palace. One of the top things to do in Samode Village is camel rides during the evenings.


2. Bishnoi Village

It was on the radar of tourists due to The Black Buck poaching case, all of the Bishnoi village of Jodhpur dislikes Bhai Jaan Salman Khan for his hunt for the Black Buck. Bishnoi residents are extremely protective regarding wildlife and are among the most ideal communities located in Rajasthan to enjoy the traditional lifestyle of Mharo Rajasthan. Guda Bishnoi Lake Guda Bishnoi Lake is a favorite playground for Domicile Cranes.


 If you're looking to discover the hidden destinations in Rajasthan make sure to include Bishnoi Village in your itinerary. What are the unique experiences to be had at Bishnoi Village? Camels and jeep safaris are among the main attractions.


3. Mandawa Village

In the 200-kilometer range from Jaipur and 270 kilometers from Delhi, Mandawa Village in Shekhawati region is another undiscovered attraction in Rajasthan. This quaint village is lined with lavish havelis, traditional hotels from budget to luxurious ones. 


We enjoy Mandawa Village the most because it is situated between desert dunes on the west and the Aravalli Range on the east. You can take a guided trip through Mandawa Village because, during the golden age it was a flourishing town that was a source of opium, silk, and hashish. Chinese merchants of the past from Afghanistan were known to visit Mandawa Village for handicraft work.


4. Bijaipur Village

A testament to the rural Indian living, Bijaipur Village spreads from the castle's Ramparts as it is enveloped by woodlands of Jacaranda. This village in the countryside is located on its Vindhyachal Hills, where you can observe the buffaloes as they trundle to their homes at dusk. 


If you're located in Udaipur and want to visit adjacent Bijaipur Village to take a day excursion staying in a 16th century castle that has been converted into a heritage hotel.


5. Khimsar Village

Take a trip to the fringe of the Thar Desert to search for a tranquil village amid the sand dunes that seem to stretch on forever. Khimsar Village is just a two-hour travel time to Jodhpur and is among the most popular tourist destinations that you can visit while in Rajasthan with a couple. You can stay in luxury eco-friendly lodges. 

The main tourist attraction in Khimsar Villageis the water body that lies in the desert, which appears to be an oasis among these golden dunes. The fort was built in the 16th century within which camel rides can be seen.


6. Khuri Village

Khuri is another village that dates back to the past in Rajasthan known for its Sand dunes. It is possible to choose to go in between Khuri as well as Khimsar Village because they have nearly the exact same striking resemblance. 


Between camel riding to jeep safaris to the night of folk music at the heart of the desert. Khuri Village, approximately 50 kilometers away from Jaisalmer is considered to be one of the top spots to see the stars in Rajasthan.


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