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Rajasthan: Host of world’s most celebrated destination weddings

Rajasthan is a state situated in the western region of India. This wonderful state, renowned for its opulent heritage and history, is counted in one of the most popular tourist attractions of India. Everything about this state is so fascinating ranging from the glittery lakes of Udaipur to the dreamy deserts of Jaisalmer. Being home to former royal dynasties, the state boasts of tales of bravery and sacrifice and is witness to innumerable historical events. A Cultural voyage under Heritage and Cultural Rajasthan Tour witnessing the spectacular architecture of the place which inherits several unique customs and traditions leaves everyone in awe. Moreover, the people of Rajasthan are really warm and welcoming which increases the fondness of the place among tourists.

Explore the exotic locations of Rajasthan by going for best tour packages of Rajasthan and indulge in the royal hues of the state. Almost all tour operators in India offer tour packages of Rajasthan through which you can get an insight into the culture, heritage, and history of the state. The tour operators even customize the tour packages according to the interests of the travelers and offer tailor made tours for an enhanced experience.


Rajasthan is an attractive tourist destination owing to its elaborate forts and palace and vibrant culture. The place with its breathtaking locations and age-old traditions is emerging as a favorable choice for destination weddings. It is a perfect place for those wanting royal wedding at most exotic locations. The forts of Rajasthan and their picturesque backdrop serve as an apt location for the fairy tale like the wedding. Even the foreigners are attracted to these locations in India to tie their wedlock and celebrate their event in the unique style which is absolutely not mainstream. In addition to destinations, people also follow the Rajasthani custom and ways for their wedding and even relish the lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine.

A wedding is one of the most important events of one’s life and who doesn’t want it to be special. The trend of destination wedding now seems to be rapidly growing and getting popular day by day. The exotic locations of the world are now being chosen as a destination wedding location people celebrate their special day in the most lavish way possible. The mystical state of Rajasthan has grabbed a spot amongst the top tourist destinations of the world owing to its grandeur and opulence. Along with the culture, the physical beauty of the state is also no less which attracts people and encourages them to have their wedding here. The magical forts and palaces serve as the perfect venue for any lavish wedding. In addition to the location, the Rajasthan culture, attire, mannerisms, traditions and customs are also adopted by the tourists in their weddings as all these things are a real charmer for them.


A destination wedding in Rajasthan will be something recalled by generations to come. Gift yourself a lavish Rajputana style wedding at the exotic locations of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Jaisalmer. The most enchanting venues of Rajasthan include setting against hills, deserts and lakes in majestic palaces and forts imparting a royal touch to a wedding. In the magical castles, feel like king and queen and make your dream come true of an extravagant royal wedding.

Organize your wedding in Rajasthan which is a host of world’s most celebrated destination weddings. Destination wedding in Rajasthan is now just a click away, so book your favorite destination from the heritage locations of the state with best India Trip planners online and make your wedding a royal affair.



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