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Safety Features

The safety of our passengers is of utmost importance to us. We take every essential measure to keep our passengers safe and secure and make their journey a memorable experience that can be cherished through life.

We ensure following rules to be followed by the drivers to avoid any mishap:

• Trained and licensed drivers, also trained in defensive driving organized by India Training Programme are provided
• Being well versed in local and English language, our drivers overcome the language barrier
• The drivers do not drive rashly or in excessive speed that causes inconvenience to the passenger
• A speed of note more that 100 km per hour on National highway and 70 km per hour under state highway shall be maintained by the driver
• Seat belts are worn strictly as they are a mandatory requirement
• Drivers will not use mobile phone while driving
• A break of an hour will be observed while driving for longer durations to avoid over exertion
• Drivers are also trained on how to use the fire extinguisher and tool kit of the car
• Driver wont drive at high speed near villages and road injunctions
• Drivers are well aware of Indian roads and are also well versed with the routes
• The traffic rules shall be strictly abided by the drivers as well as passengers

Moreover, you can find following particular features in our vehicles that take care of your safety:

• First Aid kit
• Automatic seat belts for front and rear seats
• Fire extinguisher  
• Luggage nets will be kept in the car to manage extra luggage
• All spare parts and a tool box
• Emergency response plan
• GPS fitted vehicles