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India Off Beat Tour

Experimenting with travelling plans to make it better and best every time is the consistent effort of India Trip planner for a refined experience. India Off Beat Tour is that special category that has some unique traveling plans like dedicated tour for understanding architecture of monuments or experience village life of India for recognizing the rich culture or Culinary Tour that will let your taste buds fly and wander in the aroma of true India spices with some unique dishes.

Architecture Tour of Gujarat has toppled the category with its vibrant architecture style that truly represents the intricate architecture on the wall and domes of the temples and mosques in Gujarat. Jain Temples are found in majority die to the high influence of Jainism in this region. The architecture not only attracts but also makes its onlookers to look in amazement at the high-level dexterity.

Off beat India Tours comprise of activity-based tour plans like Culinary Tours where foodies can find best of the food suitable not only to taste buds but also to their appetite. Photography Tour with Golden Triangle is another attractive plan that let you capture some amazing shots with the most culturally rich land of the world. Other off beat tours like Temple Tours of India, Textile Tour where you will travel across the eastern region of India including Kolkata, Cuttak, and Taptapani which are famous for its world famous fabric quality and weaving style.

Village Tour of Rajasthan is the most frequently selected category that includes culturally rich heritage villages and towns of Rajasthan that explains the true Rajasthan and its people. So tell us your area of inters and we will prepare your Off Beat Tour of India and for more information explore the section of Off Beat Tours and book your tour for getting amazing discounts.